Peaceman's Suppliers

Here you can find our passionate suppliers. It is important to us to keep a close relationship to all our partners in business and we are grateful and proud that all of us share the same values and visions.





A small austrian company is responsible for the sewing process. Now and then, Peaceman's pays a visit and we communicate with each other on a regular basis. After talking business we often discuss about the society, the need for change and try to understand the common economy, whcih we would like to change - at least a little bit.


 Our fabrics are from a german Company. They receive their organic-cotton from small farmer co-operations from Uganda and Kyrgystan. On a regular Basis they visit those countries and the farmers to maintain a close and personal business-relationship.


(Peaceman's daughter|son will accompany them to their next visit to Uganda!)






Of Course, our label is made from organic cotton, as well.

Peaceman's daughter|son

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