Peaceman's CEO


Peaceman's daughter|son is not only a Name - it is an identity:

 "Peaceman's daughter" is CEO Johanna Betz:




I am dedicated to offer sustainable business-fashion and to build a completely transparent value chain, with suppliers who are as passionate about sustainability as I am.


After my Bachelor-Degree in "Business and Management" at the University of Lincoln I was offered to take part in a Trainee-Programme in Germany where I learnt how I certainly do not want to "manage" employees.


After graduating with a Master of Sciene in Sustainability (Corporate Social Responsibility) from the University of Nottingham, I decided to develop a future-concept to integrate sustainabiltiy easily into our lifestyle.



So, here it is - Peaceman's daughter|son:

A fashionable design you would not suspect to be eco.



Story behind the Name:

My aunt introduced my father to her grandchildren with the following words: "That is my brother. His name is "Friedemann"; nowaday you would say  >that's Peaceman<!" 
(Peaceman is the literal translation of Friedemann into English).


Up to the 80s my father's company sewed Sports clothing for adidas in Germany. Bottom line was to treat all employees with respect - me and my sisters were raised with that attitude, as well as with an imense affinity to nature.


So there is so much thought behind naming the company Peaceman's daughter|son:

it is a homage to my father, who died in 2015 verstorbenen Vater, an allusion to the incorporated requirements and values, and last but not least the desire for a peaceful treatment of human and nature..


Peaceman's daughter|son

Königshagener Straße 15a

D-34549 Edertal