Peaceman's daughter|son is on an integrated, sustainable Mission. That is why we consciously choose the resources and products we use

– in each and every business unit as well as in our private life.





Calls and snapshots? Peaceman’s daughter|son uses the Shiftphone 5.3.

Shiftphone has its headquaters in Germany, close to ours; Furthermore, they ethically source the materials they need and developed a fair concept for their production site in China:


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Produces certified natural and organic cosmetics. High-quality products from an independent, family-run business which produces within the EU and is free from microplastic.


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Das ist ein Shiftphone-Schnappschuss




We decided to open our business account at Triodos which is a sustainable bank. That means, they only support projects which have a positive impact on the society. Triodos Banks also offer private accounts.



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